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If we were to have our dreams come true, we would have a clinic in Hernando County for Ostomates.


If 25 people read that manifesto, we’d probably have 25 different ideas about what the clinic would be like, depending upon our experiences and personal needs.

We are not currently visioning having an MD available at the clinic.  If an Ostomy nurse felt a doctor visit was warranted, they would make the recommendation that the patient see a physician or surgeon. But, you might feel the clinic should also have a doctor on-site during operating hours.  We’d like to know that also.

An ostomy clinic COULD:

  • have small support groups
  • help with getting a good fit in a pouch
  • help with leakage
  • help with skin problems around or under the pouch
  • review changing the pouch
  • review managing the pouch
  • answer many of your questions
  • calm your fears

I’ll start with an example of a need from my experience that I think should be met by an Ostomy clinic (and I think I could list at least 25) and then I’ll let you have a turn.

I think there should be small group support sessions for cancer survivors with ostomy.  As a 2 time survivor of anal cancer with 2 colostomy surgeries, there never was a support group available for me.  Breast cancer had a support group, but not anal or colon.  I didn’t feel the women at the breast cancer group would understand what was going on with me.  They might have, but I doubt it.  I don’t understand what they are going through, even though I have made several friends with breast cancer while undergoing treatment for four years.  It takes one to know one, deep down.

Now think about your situation.

What should an ostomy clinic do?  Why do you say that?



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Ostomy Clinic Discussion Group

Our members wonder if an ostomy clinic is needed in Hernando County, FL.  Actually we have our suspicions that an ostomy clinic is needed in each community where ostomates live.  Since we live here in Hernando County, that’s where we’re going to start. 

We are interested in hearing from everyone with interest in this topic:

ostomates, home health, physicians, nurses, caregivers, community leaders, ostomy supply manufacturers . . . 

What is an Ostomy Clinic?  The answer to this question will need to be discussed further, but for the sake of this discussion, I’ll start with a line from a website in  the United Kingdom: 

If you are having problems with your stoma, or have concerns about management or lifestyle, then you can always talk to a specialist Stoma Care Nurse.”

Sooooo, my first question, based on that idea:  Do we need an ostomy clinic in Hernando County?

  • a place where you can find a Stoma Care Nurse who might help you with problems with your stoma, leakage, finding the right pouching system, management, or lifestyle?
  • a place that holds small support group sessions until your old self-confidence kicks in?
  • a place that lets you know that you are not being paranoid, that you should go see your doctor about the problem.

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